Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to The Stress Prohibited Summit - May 2022

    1. "Be Boldly You" - Kubra Ozguvenc

    2. "Rock Your Concert" - Nisha Harichandran

    3. "Emotional freedom techniques, how to to use it to reduce stress" - Patience Modevi

    4. "How to move through the Story of Stress" - Enolia Foti

    5. "Self Empowerment" - Margaret Sinclair

    6. "Anxiety & Fear - How to close the gap between Fear and Taking Action" - Kristy Kilcup

    7. "Mind Matters Project" - Tanya J. Miller

    1. "Drown The Noise, Sail To Success!" - Nicole Farrell

    2. "3 Ways to Build Trust Back When It Breaks!" - Kathryn Dager

    3. "How to navigate home induced stress" - Ivy.i Barreto

    4. "A Buddhism approach to Stress through Self Awareness" - Naloo

    5. "Psychedelics for healing and transformation in combination with Baron Katie's The Work" - Akua Ofosuhene

    6. "Trauma informed stress management" - Avery Thatcher

    7. "The Lies of the Mind Under Chronic Stress: What Are They & How to Tame Them" - Elizabeth Kipp

    1. Raewyn Guerrero "High Performance habits begin with gut health"

    2. Steve Costello "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques

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Live a STRESS-FREE life starting today!

Is your stress holding you back and controlling you? Keeping you stuck?

It is time to REGAIN life balance, productivity, clarity, happiness and harmony! Did you know that you can manage and conquer your stress levels instead of letting stress controlling you? It is time to regain control. Thanks to the 10,5 hours of expertise shared you will be able to gain clarity, living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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